How much fuel do you need to fly from Taipei to Hong Kong in a simulator?

Members of IFFR Hong Kong held another of its highly popular flight experience simulator fun days in March.

Overseen by IFFR members Ting Ting Lo and Winnie Leung, both professional pilots flying out of Hong Kong, members of IFFR, the Rotary Club of Hong Kong North Point and members of the Interact Club of CCC Kwei Wah Shan College had the chance to try their hand at flying a commercial airliner.

And of course, all the checks must be done before departure. See Captain Anmol asked Captain Otto how much fuel they will need to fly back to Hong Kong from Taipei!

How much fuel do we need today?

These days always prove super popular and real fun – as well as potentially getting the Interactors interested in a career in aviation. And everyone goes home with their certificate of achievement!

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