IFFR brings summer cheer to the mothers and children of Kharkiv, Ukraine

Its been great to see that through the generosity of Flying Rotarians world-wide, and the organisation of IFFR Switzerland, in particular Section Chair Nik Ammann , mothers and children in Ukraine have had the opportunity to rest, recover and enjoy themselves.

I can do no better than to repeat the message posted by Ukrainian Rotarian Yulia Pavichenko when she wrote on Facebook recently:

Today I want to share great joy and pride that our beloved project #RotaryResort continues!

Our incredible Rotary club “Kharkiv Nadiya” once again created an island of hope for women and their children from the affected Kharkiv region. This cozy, loving and caring space is helping women and children through the terrible times of war. Our participants are able to fully rest and recover, regenerate and learn self-management in stressful situations. In a friendly atmosphere they can get psychological consultations and solve a lot of issues with our excellent specialists. And for our participants, it’s an opportunity to just have a good time in the circle of new friends.

And how happy the children are! They are delighted with the interesting variety program.

This project is the result of our tireless work and extraordinary support of our Rotarian friends. Today I would like to sincerely thank our donors – the Swiss Section International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians and personally her Head Mr. Nik Ammann Your generosity and faith in our project have given us the opportunity to help those who need help most – our women and children who are the future of Ukraine.

Your support is the wings that help us rise higher and give us hope. This is how we feel when we wear t-shirts with the IFFR logo wings on our back. This inspires us to truly further service.

Create Hope in the World together!

Thanks to all who have contributed, and to Nik and the team for arranging this – proving yet again that IFFR provides great opportunities for meaningful aviation-related service!

And to all our friends in Ukraine, Slava Ukraini!

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