Hong Kong: reaching for the skies, but with feet firmly grounded

They may, in real life, be on the ground, but the Hong Kong section has been having fun and opening the eyes of young people to the joys of aviation – and the potential for possible flying careers – with two recent Air Experience Flight Simulator Days.

Younger members reach for the skies

Joining hands with his own Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Hong Kong North Point Hong Kong section leader Eric Chin arranged two fun “Air Experience” days on 9 and 16 July at Hong Kong airport. These were ably co-hosted by fellow Rotarian Pilots and IFFR members Ting Ting Lo and Winnie Chan.

Over the two days, a total of 24  IFFR members, Rotarians and family members, had the chance to take to the skies virtually in the flight simulator. Rotary also provided sponsorship for some of the young Interactors who attended with excitement.

Everyone enjoyed a fun day out to learn about aviation from practising pilots. The sessions included flight pre briefing and a hands-on flying experience simulating the real time environment at their choice of either Hong Kong and Macau. And there were certificates of achievement for all who successfully completed their mission.

Hopefully these days out will have inspired at least one of these young achievers to take the sky for real!

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