Oshkosh, B’Gosh! America North Central America Section Meeting: July 2022

EAA Airventure at Oshkosh is like no other airshow on earth. Bigger and better than all the rest.  So, its no wonder that it’s a popular place for IFFR members to meet each July. Once again, PWP George Chaffey flew Ladybird, his 1948 Luscombe from California, a trans-continental journey which takes him several days. But as a past Classic Aircraft Reserve Grand Champion, when he gets there, he gets pride of place for parking.

PWP Svend Andersen came twice as far in half the time, jetting in from Denmark to join George for an extended Oshkosh stay.  There is so much to see you need several days.  As George and Svend will tell you, the site is so big that the best way to get around is to hire mobility scooters so you can quickly zoom from end to end.

One of the highlights of the week for IFFR members is joining the Rotary Club of Oshkosh Southwest for the annual Flying Rotarians Picnic on the Wednesday lunchtime complete with Brat Fry and Corn Roast.  The speakers this year were John Ockenfels and Peter Teahan who presented on their Around The World Flight To Raise Funds For End Polio Now currently scheduled for May 2023. The IFFR members attending included District Governor Lisa Bishop (District 7090 – Southern Ontario, Canada and Western New York State, USA), a co-owner of a Cirrus SR20.

Other highlights included a get-together at the Hilton Hotel and a dinner at the Oshkosh Country Club.  We have a selection of photos here from Tim Freudenthal, Rankin Whittington and George Chaffey.  Thanks, team, I look forward to joining you at Oshkosh in July 2023.

Gathering for dinner at the Hilton
PWP Svend Andersen, South-East Section Leader Rankin Whittington, District Governor Lisa Bishop and PWP George Chaffey
Boeing Square – Boeing ecoDemonstrator 777-200ER and the first Rans RV-3 ever built
No, it’s not St. Andrew’s Scotland, the home of golf! Its Rankin and George enjoying the Oshkosh Country Club

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