Space, Air and Sea – a great IFFR Italia meeting on the Venetian Riviera

On 1 and 2 September 2023, the annual international meeting organized by the Italian section of the IFFR, took place, based in Caorle, which is east of Venice. Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions north of the Alps, flying Rotarians from various European countries who usually attend our event, were unable to arrive. However, the Fly-in was held according to the planned schedule, thanks to the good weather and the commitment of the local organizers. Fellowship members from different regions of Italy participated, along with other Rotarians, who were then welcomed into the IFFR. 

On the evening of Friday, September 1st, on the panoramic terrace of the Municipality of Caorle, the symposium “From the Wright brothers to the ISS International Space Station” was held with the participation of distinguished speakers: Gregory ALEGI, journalist and LUISS lecturer and Gen. Alberto Rosso, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Remotely, Maurizio CHELI, astronaut of the European Space Agency, presented his report. The evening, coordinated by Roberto Vitale, founder of the Rotary Club Caorle, was preceded by speeches by various civil and Rotary authorities, including IFFR Italia President Guido Guidi.  The large audience appreciated the interesting succession of speeches by the brilliant speakers. The evening ended in a convivial way on the equally panoramic Roof Garden of the Hotel “The One”.

On the morning of Saturday, September 2nd, the activities moved to the airfield of the Caorle Coast. Here it was possible to see some historic aircraft of the Italian section of the H.A.G. (Historical Aircraft Group) on static and flying display, including three “F8 Falco”. This was followed by a performance in the formation of “We Fly! Team” with semi-acrobatic aerial choreography with smoke bombs. Both patrols flew in formation over the coast of Caorle, still crowded with holidaymakers. They also flew an ultralight reproduction of the well-known Fiesler Storch “Stork” and an aerobatic Cap-10.

In the afternoon, the group set off by boat for the coast of nearby Jesolo, where they were able to follow the air show from an unusual perspective, with performances by various solo and training aircraft, civil and military, and, as always, the exciting closing of the Frecce Tricolori display team complete with their colored smoke in the Italian national colours.

The lively day ended with an excellent official dinner at the Airfield with great participation also by the Rotarians of the Club of Caorle and the surrounding area. Greetings, thanks and exchange of guides characterized the evening.

During the two days of the Fly-In, the local Interact Club carried out promotional activities that allowed the collection of funds for a Service of the Club of Caorle in favor of disabled children. We would like to thank the local organizers, in particular the Gusso brothers, for their considerable commitment in the preparation and management of the event, which ranged from piloting a historic aircraft to serving at the table during dinner!

See you next year!

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