Salzburg – Fast Cars, Old Cars, Red Bulls and gastronomy with IFFR Germany & Austria!

Just one week after the delightful French section fly in at Evian-les-Bains, we were travelling back across Europe once again for the second of the September European IFFR fly-ins. This time we were in the delightful Austrian city of Salzburg, hosted by the Germany & Austria Section. Prize for longest journey goes to Tony Flinn – who came all the way from Lincolnshire, UK to Salzburg in a day on the Thursday: nearly 7 hours flying with just one stop en-route in Germany.

After Friday lunchtime arrivals, and a reception drink on the airport terminal sky bar, we adjourned for lunch in the airport restaurant after which we had a fascinating talk on the history of Austrian aviation from Rotarian Karl Gruber, Major General and Commander of the Austrian Air Force (ret.)

Then came one of the many highlights of the weekend as we headed to the far side of the airport for a tour of the Red Bull hangars. Planes, cars and more – you will no doubt have seen many of the machines we saw in Formula 1 races, in Red Bull air races and more. The main museum is open to the public, but we were very fortunate also to have a behind the scenes visit to the Red Bull workshop hangar – the occupants of which included the modified Red Bull helicopter capable of flying inverted in roll and loop manoeuvres.

Retiring to the city, we gathered for dinner in the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium restaurant – believed to be the oldest restaurant in Europe.

On Saturday morning, we went by coach for the short journey to see the “Porsche fahr(T)raum Experience”. Those expecting to see rows of Porsche cars of the type one normally thinks of when you hear the name Porsche may have been disappointed. This living museum pays homage to Ferdinand Porsche, the famed designer of cars and planes (including arguably the world’s first electric and hybrid cars) from the early 20th Century.

It was a short walk to the restaurant for lunch beside the Mattsee lake.

Returning to the city after lunch, we had Saturday afternoon at leisure. Most of us used this time to explore the beautiful old city of Salzburg further and to visit the castle that dominates the skyline. All of which prepared us nicely for our magnificent Gala Dinner at the Goldener Hirsch hotel – another truly gastronomic treat, washed down by the finest of Austrian wines.

Another great weekend of fellowship and flying, thanks to Fritz and all the IFFR Germany & Austria team.

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